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The National Initiative Brain & Cognition (NIBC) was created to let cognitive neuroscience, a multi-disciplinary research field, take root in the Netherlands. Over the next few years, NIBC will enable the Netherlands to create and benefit from an excellent starting position in a field that is growing worldwide, and to fully exploit the newly gained knowledge when addressing some of society’s most pressing needs. Would you like to know what we are up to? Read more about our ambitions in the publication ‘Mind matters – Ambitions of the National Initiative Brain and Cognition’.

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Brains on Jazz Feel the Music

The pianist’s languid solo entwines itself with the smoke and the muffled laughter from the bar. Like a shadow, the musician’s fingers glide effortlessly across the keys, and he has no sheet music in front of him. Has he memorized the piece, or is he making it up as he goes along? It’s almost impossible to tell, but if you’re a jazz musician and can imagine yourself playing the music, your brain’s emotional centers might help you answer this question, a new study suggests.
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