NIHC – PhD student for ‘Word learning from written text’ – sluitingsdatum: 1 september 2010


Job description
As a PhD student you will work on the project ‘Word learning from written text’. This project is part of the FES Programme Brain & Cognition (see The focus of the project is on word learning from written text in children and adults. Word learning is one of the most critical parts of the school curriculum. The acquisition of literacy provides children with the opportunity to extend their vocabulary through written text. However, the identity of word learning processes is far from clear. By means of neurocognitive experiments and training studies, it will be examined how subjects learn, consolidate and store word meanings from written text as a function of frequency of occurrence and context. The possible importance of retrieval for word learning will also be investigated.

You should have: – a Master’s degree in Research Master Cognitive (Neuro)science or Behavioural Science, Education, or another relevant study; – broad experience with quantitative research, outstanding methodological and analytical qualities, and experience with collecting and analysing data; – excellent writing skills in Dutch and English; – an organizational talent, accompanied by independence and perseverance.

Conditions of employment
The starting salary is €2,042 per month on a full-time base; the salary will increase to €2,612 per month on a full-time base in the fourth year.

Contract type
Temporary, 4 years.

OrganisationRadboud University Nijmegen

Strategically located in Europe, Radboud University Nijmegen is one of the leading academic communities in the Netherlands. A place with a personal touch, where top-flight education and research take place on a beautiful green campus in modern buildings with state-of-art facilities.

DepartmentFaculty of Social Sciences

With its six Bachelor’s and seven Master’s programmes, three Research Master’s programmes, three educational institutes with a total of 4,500 students, three research institutes and the Academic Centre for Social Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the largest faculties at Radboud University Nijmegen. The faculty currently employs about 650 people. The faculty’s ambition is to become tone of the top social science institutes in Europe, providing high-quality research programmes and study programmes that rank among the best in the Netherlands. The project will be embedded in the priority programme ‘Learning and plasticity’ of the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI, This programme deals with the micro-analysis of learning processes. The BSI is a KNAW-acknowledged research school that provides excellent research facilities and high-quality training to PhD students. There are also plans for close collaboration with the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.

Additional information
Radboud University Nijmegenprof. dr. L. Verhoeven+31 24 3612822

[email protected]

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