NIHC – 7th World Congress on Stress

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(inter)nationaal netwerk maatschappelijke vernieuwing excellente wetenschap

25 augustus 2010 – 27 augustus 2010

Internationaal congres over Stress, georganiseerd door de International Society for the Investigation of Stress, met in 2010 als onderwerp Stress, anxiety and depression.

The unique feature of this and the past six World Congresses is the integration of the clinical aspects and basic scientific mechanisms of stress. In particular the meeting aims to expand further our understanding of the underlying biological processes of stress, their role in many clinical disorders as well as to enhance our understanding of the management of stress and the treatment of the disorders that stress causes or contributes to.

The 7th World Congress on Stress will like previous meetings have Invited Addresses, parallel sessions for clinical and basic sciences and symposia.

Plaats: Gorlaeus Laboratoria, LeidenOrganisatie: International Society for the Investigation of Stress

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