Welcome to the new website of the National Initiative Brain & Cognition. The site is a portal for all scientists who study the brain and its impact on human behaviour and society.

Interactive website

A big change is that anyone can publish messages on the site. To post news, events, blogs, documents and jobs, you must first login. You can then enter data and create a page within My content.


The new website offers the opportunity to contact other users of the site. After logging in to My Network you can search for interesting contacts which you can add to your network. If there is a green line under the photo of your contact, you can also chat with each other.

Private groups

For users, there are separate groups for protected information sharing. To get access to these groups, it is necessary that you make this known to the administrator of the website. This is done by logging into My group and  request to create membership  for a specific group.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions in response to this group, please contact our office – [email protected].